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The 4th Annual Community Luncheon was VIRTUAL!



The 4th Annual Community Luncheon Fundraiser was VIRTUAL! Yes, Virtual!

Why? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Family Biz Builder and all of you are having to change how we do most things. So, for us to continue with the participants of our programs, we asked our sponsors, partners, team, and community to join us on screen.


​Some shared their personal experience of the importance of having a mentor. Others shared about their organizations and why they support Family Biz Builder.

You may ask, how was it a luncheon! Well, lunch vouchers were emailed to all supporters and everyone has the opportunity to redeem their voucher at Tunica National Golf & Tennis Centers before December 31, 2020.

We want to thank all our partners, sponsors, donors, and team for sharing their time with us.

The 3rd Annual Community Luncheon was a success!

The 3rd Annual Community Luncheon Fundraiser was a great success again this year. It gave Family Biz Builder and Tunica National Golf & Tennis Center the opportunity to introduce to some the Biz Builder Programs for the first time and to others sharing the growth and progress made in 2019. The theme of the luncheon was:  The power of the community partners working together who care!

Everyone left with a better understanding of the mission and the vision. The mission is to expose positive opportunities through character, life skills, and educational training programs. The vision is to develop a growth mindset (an understanding that we can develop our abilities and intelligence, with practice).

The value statement is Family Biz Builder believes in the old cliché “it takes a village to raise a child”. We build strong and caring partnerships within the community to create a village.

We want to thank all our table sponsors, donors, volunteers, and special guests.

Special thanks to one of our program participants, Nicholas Bateman, a 3rd-grade program participant. The vision was demonstrated by Nicolas and Dr. Bacardi Harris as they went through the questions of The Mindset Checkup. The guests were engaged and able to see the type of interaction we have with our participants during the after-school workshops.

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