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From the Mentee's Perspective

   Because low literacy, low reading levels, and behavior issues are an epidemic that will not go away with quarantine.

 In addition to offering our virtual mentorship, we want to offer more curricula: life-skills, financial literacy, character-building, and STEM are all forms of career exploration that keep youth safe at home, but we need your help!

   Right now, to get over the digital and economic divide and to help students keep learning to be well-rounded adults, we are asking for donations for devices and internet hotspots for youth in our program. Our goal is $5,000.

Please give to help us reach our goal.

Your help is more important than ever now. 

---> Without you, students will fall further behind in reading and life skills. 

---> Without you, kids will feel even more isolated and demotivated from their schoolwork.

---> Without you, our community will suffer even more.

Please, give today to help youth who need you more than ever to prepare for tomorrow.


Thanks to YOUR generosity, we have been able to help kids like Maryah and Madison. 














   Maryah and Madison are eight-year-old twin girls, and Maryah said she was really struggling with reading. Inevitably, her sister needed help too, so they both started in the Literacy and Education program. After consecutive weeks in the program, the twins began to reveal a strong interest in reading, albeit with a little “sweet” motivation.  

  “Coach Byron said, if we do really well, he’ll give us some candy”, Maryah said.  Now, after receiving the proper tools, the twins often  exclaim, we “got so busy that we didn’t read yesterday!”   As you can see, reading is becoming a daily habit, and Maryah and Madison are, whenever school starts again, set up for success. 


We are there for Maryah and Madison because YOU are here for US.


Thank you so much for believing in a better future for Tunica. 

Here are the three ways you can get involved right now.

  • You can VOLUNTEER from the comfort of your home.

  • You can REGISTER a participant in our programs.

  • You can DONATE and keep a participant digitally connected. 


Upcoming virtual curricula: 

  • Literacy & Reading Comprehension

  • Life Skills

  • Financial Literacy

  • Character building

  • Compassion & Empathy

  • STEM Career Exploration and more. 


   We are serving 50 youth with remote learning and mentorship, and there are SO many more that need our help. With the upcoming closing of the Tunica Literacy Council, the literacy and education program of Family Biz Builder provides alternative means to serve families safely.

Byron and Twins.jpg

The goal of the youth development programs is to provide accessible and inclusive remote training workshops with the focus being literacy, character, life skills, sports & fitness, and workforce training through internships. 

Family Biz Builder
Remote Literacy & Education Program

The program provides in-home remote one-on-one mentoring sessions with participants while offering character, life skills, and online educational software.



Family Biz Builder 
Internship Program

The purpose of the Internship Program is to improve the character, life, and work readiness skills of youth and young adults through while working in various roles remotely in the Family Biz Builder Programs. Interns are trained via online to perform administrative duties and mentoring services. The job readiness skills are essential to the development to close the skills gap and improve work ethic in the future workforce.

Meet The Interns
Jessica Phillips 05-15-2020.jpg


Age 18

Faith 7.4.2020.jpg


Age 17

Malachi Hambrick Photo.jpg


Age 15

Elijah Hambrick Photo.jpg


Age 14

Sports & Fitness
National Junior Tennis Learning (NJTL)

The objective is to connect character and life skills with the game of tennis. The programs and curricula provided by USTA Foundation: ACE, STEM, and Net Generation aligns and helps to accomplish the mission of providing character, life skills, and educational training programs. 

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Tennis 1.jpg
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