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is a youth development training program that teaches remedial reading skills, language arts, and math using online educational software, interactive character, life skills, and creative arts activities.

Family Biz Builder’s Literacy and Education Program
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Zanaria & Eric

During the pivot to remote educational training, the mentees of Family Biz Builder (FBB) are impacted by the digital divide by not having technical devices.  To address this issue, FBB created a Technology Loan Assistance Program (TLAP) to close the gap by providing access to laptop computers. 


Thanks to the financial support of Jennifer Hampton, The Box Project, and Daisy Hampton, Owner of Including You, partners of the Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi for donating funds for laptop computers to ensure all of our mentees have the proper technology and equipment to move forward in their education.

Darrion Taylor Headshot.jpg
Darrion_s Progress Half Year 2021.JPG

Research shows that when a child spends more time reading, they progress in school. Darrion spent more time completing activities in the second half of the year. The more time spent, the more skills mastered in math, reading, and language arts.

Dominique - Headshot.JPG
Dominique_s Progress Half Year 2021.JPG

The first half of the year Dominique had a mentoring coach who met with her consistently every week on her learning path, completed a number of activities, and mastered skills.  As you can see in the second half of the year, she did not have a mentoring coach and all progress decreased. This is evident that a child definitely needs the assistance of a mentoring coach.

Casey Lewis.jpg
Casey_s Progress Half Year 2021.JPG

With the assistance of a mentoring coach, Casey grew the second half of the year. He spent more time on his activities and mastered more skills.


When you support FBB - a youth development nonprofit organization committed to strengthening communities - you give young people a chance to be better members of the community by improving their reading, character, life skills, and creative arts.

Why you support fbb

Right now, FBB supports Tunica, Coahoma, and Desoto counties providing mentoring services, homework assistance, opportunities to learn how to play tennis, and workforce development opportunities. Help keep these critical services continuing by donating to FBB.


Family Biz Builder is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization.

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