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At Family Biz Builder, we work with the parents in the development of their children to improve their education, character, life skills, and creative arts. Through empowering the parent, youth, and the community, we aim to create change.

What We Do
Opportunities for all


For Youth and Families

We have designed this community to be a place where:

Youth and families can be trained differently. Think of us as a “Community Training Center”. 

To implement the vision, mission, goals, and address needs/causes in a fun way.

An after-school program where kids can learn and have fun

A place where kids can ask questions and give feedback

A place where parents can give input in their children’s development

Where community partners can give input and feedback

A place where business offer training services

A place to have Live Events

Our values are aligned with the old cliche, “it takes a village to raise a child”


Let us know what type of courses you would like to be trained in and see in the community. 


Contact us to join the community.

Youth development

Area of impact

Empowering young people to reach their full potential.

Collage - Literacy.jpg
Literacy & Education

Provides remote group and one-on-one mentoring and homework assistance services for participants while offering character, life skills, creative arts and online educational software support. 

Tennis on the Court.jpg
Sports & Fitness NJTL

Provides remote and on-the-court tennis and education. NJTL stands for National Junior Tennis Learning connecting education with the game of tennis.


When you support FBB - a youth development nonprofit organization committed to strengthening communities - you give young people a chance to be better members of the community by improving their reading, character, life skills, and creative arts.

Why you support fbb

Right now, FBB supports Tunica, Coahoma, and Desoto counties providing mentoring services, homework assistance, opportunities to learn how to play tennis, and workforce development opportunities. Help keep these critical services continuing by donating to FBB.


Family Biz Builder is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization.

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