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"On December 04, 2017, I received a call from Geoff Norton, USTA Mississippi, Executive Director.  He asked if I would be interested in serving as a volunteer on the MTA’s Diversity Committee.  I immediately said yes, because Geoff had invited me to come to their Mississippi Tennis Association meeting in 2017, and I learned a lot about how the organization worked.  In 2015, I committed to be a Community Partner and help grow the game of tennis in our community. I wanted to understand what I need in order to be a good partner and help them accomplish their mission, so I accepted." -Peggie Henderson, Executive Director of Family Biz Builder

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On Thursday, December 14, Family Biz Builder partnered with Tunica National Golf & Tennis to present the first annual Village Social Community Luncheon. Together with the General Manager and golf expert, Bob Wolcott, we invited members of the community to support the Biz Builder Core Programs.

Tunica National Golf & Tennis is committed to Tunica County's communities and offers the games of tennis and golf to the youth of the county through Family Biz Builder. Our mission is to expose positive opportunities to children, youth and families through training programs. Working as collaborative partners, we fulfill the missions and goals of both organizations and give hope and new directions to children, youth and families.Attendees enjoyed passionate stories about the positive impact we have made in our community as a team.

Executive Director, Peggie Henderson spoke, giving the room a brief overview of our efforts. Bob Wolcott spoke about the changes he's seen since the beginning of our partnership. We are very thankful for everyone who stood before the room and told their amazing and inspiring stories about their relationship with Family Biz Builder. And we are grateful for everyone who supported us financially. All of your support make it possible for Family Biz Builder to help children and youth develop growth mindsets and gain valuable character & life skills through training and development programs. Thank you! We look forward to having a great 2018 because of the support you showed in 2017.

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