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On June 16, 2018, golf players came together at Tunica National golf course in support of the 2nd Annual Biz Builder Golf Tournament Fundraiser. Check out a few highlights in this new video featuring the voices of Vivian B. Thompson, Peggie Henderson, Erika Winfrey, and Shirley Hall.

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On the weekend of June 16, Vivian B. Thompson came out to support the 2nd Annual Biz Builder Golf Tournament fundraiser event hosted at the Tunica National Golf & Tennis facility in Tunica Resorts, Mississippi. Although Vivian Thompson’s agency is in Atlanta and she has built solid relationships with many local families, her roots are in the Mississippi Delta. She uses her wisdom and influence to support our Biz Builder Literacy program. When she last visited, she spoke with the group about the character trait, self-control. With her brilliant personality and energy she had the children engrossed in tales and situations about the importance of self-control. She discussed with them the importance of knowing how to read and power of the knowledge that comes along with reading good books. Our participants were so inspired and filled with enthusiasm.

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