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Family Biz Builder helps Net Generation welcome a new generation of players and help them usher in the next era of tennis. By working with us and offering the full support of the USTA, we are ready to break new ground on and off the court.

Together with Tunica National Golf & Tennis, we create a positive and welcoming environment for Tunica's youth players. By focusing on the game, building character and championing individual challenges, we empower kids to grow and develop at their own pace. It’s all about providing players the opportunity to enjoy tennis on their own terms.

This week in tennis training, several participants really stepped up their game and showed exemplary examples of focus, obedience, and teamwork.

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We are seeing more children and youth exhibit confidence and feel empowered because they are setting goals, reaching them, and being rewarded for their efforts within the Biz Builder Literacy Program.

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Family Biz Builder teams up with Hope Credit Union to introduce the children and youth of Tunica County to the skills and knowledge that will allow them to make informed and effective decisions with all of their financial resources. The workshop was led by Mr. Evan Collins of Hope Credit Union.

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