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Dear Parents,

We thank you for allowing Family Biz Builder to enter into your homes with the Remote Literacy & Education Program providing mentoring and tutoring services to help in the development of your child(ren).


The goal is to create a collaborative learning environment between you (the parent), the mentoring coach and your child (the mentee).


The objective is for the mentoring coach to meet with the mentee weekly providing the following curricula: Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress, Fast Phonics, Exact Path, Study Island, and Courseware. 


We have added Exact Path which is a digital tool that personalizes the learning across grades K–12 in reading, language arts, and math. It starts by targeting your child(ren) academic strengths and weaknesses with a computer-adaptive assessment, and then it prescribes a tailored playlist of lessons, practice, and short quizzes at their learning level. Your child(ren) can earn rewards and monitor their own progress each step of the way.  They will primarily work within his or her unique learning path, which is based on assessment results for each available subject. Within a learning path, no more than four skills will ever display at once. Each skill could consist of a lesson, practice, and a quiz. Outside of the learning path, they might also receive additional assignments from their mentoring coach. Each assignment will have a specified due date.


Our job is to serve you, as the parent. We will be communicating with you via this website and ask for your ongoing participation.


Peggie Henderson

Executive Director

Benefits of Mentor/Mentee Relationship:

1. One-on-One personal support

2. Builds relationships with positive role models; companionship; and trust

3. Receive academic support

4. Builds self-esteem

5. Improve communication skills

6. Reduce disciplinary interventions

7. In the FBB Internship Program, gain job readiness skills

Why Parental Involvement Matters?

(relationship between parent and child)

1. Increase the level of intimacy

2. Improve communication

3. Higher level of trust

4. Respect

5. Reduced stress and tension 

6. Stability

7. Support

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