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Biz Builder Victories & Triumphs!

This week in the Biz Builder programs, we celebrated victories and triumphs! Our participants are breaking through barriers and reaching their goals with total support of their peers. We've also experienced an increase in parent participation.

THE BIZ BUILDER LITERACY PROGRAM. Jayla was awarded a gold certificate for achieving a 93% on her Map 1 Reading Eggs Quiz! Tyler achieved a 100% on his Map 5 Reading Eggs Quiz and was awarded a gold certificate, too!

Participants deepened their understanding of the character trait, obedience, with discussions and a short video presented by Coach Mallory and Coach Janet.

THE SPORTS AND FITNESS PROGRAM. This week, participants are in the thick of their their sports instruction. They spend their sessions honing the fundamental skills they were introduced to in their first weeks through the NJTL/ACE curriculum and NetGeneration tennis activities.

Coach Jackson coaches player on on backhand techniques.

Golfers strike a pose on the course with Coach Shirley and Coach Mallory.

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