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Coach Arveal Turner, training tennis to youth in Tunica County!

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Coach Arveal Turner, is not only sharing his passion of tennis with the youth of Memphis, he's sharing his time, wisdom and passion of tennis with the youth of Tunica County. Coach Turner has been training the basic techniques and has captured the attention of many youth who will like to continue to advance in the sport.

Coach Turner stated in News 13 article, “I say it's transformation through an experience,” he said. “And tennis is a very transformative sport. It's more mental. You see the physical part. But it's more mental than physical.”

Turner said it comes down to exposure, which has improved. “For the most part it's been a lack of available training,” he said. “We get more and more of that nowadays, more training. Naturally, as you get more exposure and better training you're going to get better results.” We thank Coach Turner for spending this quality time with the youth of Tunica.

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