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At Family Biz Builder (FBB), we understand the challenges at-risk youth face in accessing quality education and opportunities for personal growth. Our comprehensive programs are designed not just to educate, but to empower, offering the clearest benefit of all: a brighter, more confident future for our youth. We provide the tools, mentorship, and support necessary to transform lives and fulfill potential.


Founded by Peggie Henderson, FBB began with a vision to bridge the educational and opportunity gap for youth in Tunica, Coahoma, and Desoto counties. Inspired by her own journey and the struggles she witnessed in her community, Peggie established FBB to ensure that every child has the chance to succeed, regardless of their circumstances. Our why is simple: to offer every young person the support and opportunities they deserve to build a successful future.

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Leadership - Peggie Henderson

OUR mission

To empower and uplift communities by equipping youth, families, and businesses with comprehensive education, fostering strong character and life skills, and delivering valuable training opportunities. Committed to empowering at-risk children aged 5-17 and their families, located in Tunica County, MS. Serving families in Tunica, Desoto, Coahoma Counties.

To nurture communities where youth, families, and businesses achieve a growth mindset, ultimately recognizing and embracing opportunities for lifelong learning, continual improvement, and persistent efforts towards achieving their goals.

OUR VIsion


What sets FBB apart is our holistic approach to youth development. Unlike other programs that may focus solely on academics or physical activity, FBB integrates educational support, life skills, sports & fitness, and digital literacy to prepare students for all aspects of life. Our unique position lies in our commitment to not only enhancing academic performance but also in building character, resilience, and a sense of community among our participants.

the cause we address

lack of development in the areas of:

low literacy

Life skills


providing personalized online training in English, Math, Reading, Science, Writing, ACT and SAT tests

our values

We prioritize the well-being and unity of families, understanding that strong family foundations are essential for thriving communities. 
We foster a growth mindset, recognizing that personal and professional development is a lifelong journey. 
We uphold the highest ethical standards, acting with honesty, transparency, and respect in all our interactions.
We believe in the transformative power of education and continuous learning. 
We strive to empower youth, families, and businesses, providing them with the tools, resources, and opportunities necessary to achieve success. 

We champion the power of interconnected communities and partnerships.

We strive for excellence in everything we do. We are committed to delivering high-quality education, training, and support services.

A pathway to academic success and career exploration.

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