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Welcome to the family biz builder Virtual Training Center

A New Horizon for Learning

Shared Learning Experience

Learn together, Grow Together

Our virtual training center creates a vibrant shared learning environment that encourages families to explore new concepts, ideas and skills together.

Imagine your children applying business principles in real-life scenarios under your guidance, or teachers enhancing classroom lessons with real-world insights from experienced mentors.

This is learning Reimagined.


Unlock Conversations, Unleash Potential

Strengthened Family Communication

communication is the cornerstone of understanding and growth. our platform fosters open discussions about learning styles, finances, goals, and aspirations, helping families to connect on a deeper level.

Work on projects together, discuss new concepts, and build a foundation of teamwork and shared purpose.

Interactive self-paced online courses

learning without limits

embrace the flexibility and engagement of interactive, self-paced online courses designed for every family member, from grandparents to young adults and children.

Whether you're looking to advance professionally or personally, our courses offer the freedom to learn and develop at your own pace, on your own schedule.


empowerment at your fingertips

Family-focused Resources & Opportunities

gain access to a wealth of online workshops, webinars, meet-ups, videos, and articles all focused on key areas such as education, health, literacies, character development, life skills, business, and employment.

our resources are crafted to support the holistic development of families, offering insights and opportunities tailored to your needs.

Builds entrepreneurs and leaders

Inspiring the innovations of tomorrow

early exposire to business and life concepts can spark a lifelong interest in entrepreneurship and community leadership.

our virtual training center introduces children and young adults to these vital concepts, fostering curiosity, innovation, and a drive to make a difference.


Your journey to becoming an entrepreneur or leader starts here.


Join the Family biz builder virtual training center today!

Embark on a journey of discovery and growth with the fBB virtual training center. together, we can build a brighter future for our children, our families, and our communities.

Unlock your family's potential

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